Day 8: A day off – Reward for Hard Work

Had an early start today.  As all the work was done we decided to take a day off and do some exploring and have an adventure.  Neither Jeanette or I had ever been to Byron Bay so after Showers and Breakfast we set off in the trusty Merc for the Sunny Shores of Byron Bay. The journey south took less time than I expected with our arrival being only 1.15 after our departure from Bonogin (or as Jeanette cheekily calls it Boganville).  The place was just like many other beach communities with Surf Shops, weird clothing stores, young people, and quirky coffee spots.  We found a great little Java shed called Slo Mo Joe’s.

Slo Mo Joe’s

The food looked great (But we didn’t have any) and the coffee was fabulous.  After the caffeine hit we strolled the township. This only took  20 minutes as the town is not large and there was very little that interested us.  Strolled back to the beach which was so inviting, but a little windy today so we resisted the temptation to swim between the flags.

Byron Bay Beach

From the beach we spied a lighthouse on the top of the hill so decided to go explore and see the view.  Drove the short drive up to the top where $8 parking fees applied.  Well worth it for what we found there.

Byron Bay Lighthouse

The Lighthouse had a walkway around the point which was well worth the journey.  At the end was a downward stretch to the point while from the top we watched Wales passing by, Giant turtles attempting rock landing and a Wallaby eating lunch.

The point at the end of Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk
Panorama of the area
Wallaby Lunch

Part way along the track we found ourselves at the most easterly point of Australia.

Australia’s Most Easterly Point

While here a nice couple offered to take out photo. Was good cause they didn’t run away with our phone. We then returned the gesture and also gave them back their phone.


Back to the Lighthouse, this time walking uphill. Was a really hot day reaching 29 degrees.

Jeanette on the way up

And back to the lighthouse.

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Time to leave Byron Bay and find some lunch.  Decided to try the coast road.

View of Byron Bay from the Lighthouse

On the way Rodger received a business call on the Car Phone which distracted him somewhat leading us to a dead end turnaround after 10 minutes on the road.  Carolyn drew from her knowledge of the area and determined that Kingscliff was the place to be for lunch. So we passed through small settlements like Brunswick Heads to get to our lunch destination.

Brunswick Heads

In quick time we made it to Kingscliff which is a seaside town in New South Wales.


We chose a wee eatery called ‘Kettles On’.  What a great choice.  Sitting in an outdoor terrace with the sun shining, with amazing food and a nice cool beer to relax with, we had a fantastic time.

Kettles On

By now it was mid afternoon and we were expected for a BBQ dinner with Ryan, Ana, Spencer and Jackson.  Joining us there was Tarlei, Freddie and Malia.  Went to Pimpama (About an hour North) and had a fabulous last night in the Gold Coast.  Back to our lodgings for the night with no desire to return to New Zealand’s Freezing Cold Weather and Rain!.


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