Day 7: Work done – Time to wind down.

Today saw the work for our company completed, all reports produced and a meeting scheduled with the accountant.  This entailed a trip to Coolangatta for an early lunch.

Welcome to Coolangatta

Found a beach side eatery where we filled the tank.  The location was good, the food was average and the service was sloppy. A place called Bellakai on Marine Parade.  It is rated better on trip advisor than I rate it and it could just be a mid week aberation.  After lunch while the workers went to the meeting, her ladyship strolled the beach and enjoyed the sunshine.

The beach when school is in!
Jeanette in her Happy Place
Paddle in the Ocean

Then back to the Office to install updates to the Latest version of Basis Software ready for the New Financial Year Ahead.  Delicious Leg of Lamb in the slow cooker for dinner then an early night as adventures awaited on Wednesday.


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