Day 6: Work for Him / Play for Her!

Today was a day of contrasts. Alan spent the day hard at work with Rodger working on the end of year accounts for the Business while Jeanette and Carolyn played the part by abandoning the boys and going off on some adventures.

The Best Professional Audio Company in Australia!

The big adventure for the girls wa ‘Girl Time’ Talking and Eating.  No great discoveries; no photos; just a long and much anticipated chin wag.  They did however venture into JB Hifi and purchased a new device here in Aussieland that we introduced them to. Its called Chromecast. We promised it would revolutionise their Netflix experience moving it from their phones and iPad’s to the big screen.

This was installed and immediately put into action watching Kiwi Thunder Jason Young power down numerous rivers in his World Championship winning CX Class jetboat.

Dinner was our responsibility. Procured some cedar wood planks and proceeded to cook Smokey Salmon on the BBQ.  Smoke Everywhere and wondrous flavours resulted.  Perfect.

Master Chef McGrath in charge!

The resulting meal was fabulous and enjoyed by all.


So because the day was a little uneventful we thought we could add some photos of previous days. So here goes.

The ‘Ocean Platter from Black Angus’ for 2 people
Jeanette Relaxing in the Sunshine
Contemporary / Classical Music at Black Angus
Sun Tan – Where are You?
A Day out – Finally
Interesting Clocks
At the Mall
Tarlei – Malia – Fred and Freddie (Hedger Projects)

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