Day 5: On Holiday at Last!

Today was the first real day of holiday for me.  Started with a much deserved sleep in to 8:00am.  The Beautiful day beckoned so up we got and got ready for the day. Opened the door to a wet path from overnight rain.  But that is all we saw of the rain. The sun came out, Breakfast was completed and off we went for the day. Rodger at the helm looking for adventure. 

Traveled north to Hope Island where we strolled amongst the rich and famous. Saw a couple of beautiful cars.

Rolls Royce
Aston Martin DB9

The area is definitely for those with many dollars to spend but we found our restaurant ‘Black Angus‘ which was highly rated on Trip Advisor.

On the balcony at Black Angus

It was great to be out in the sun and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Pear Tree Pinot Gris

Jeanette and I ordered a modest eye fillet steak each but Rodger and Carolyn decided to share the Seafood Platter.  Wow!

Our weeny Steaks and the ‘Ocean Platter’

The balcony overlooked the marina where the previously mentioned Wealthy parked their weekend boats.

View from our table

After lunch we went for a stroll and found a delicious Ice Cream Shop. Rodger am I enjoyed our ice cream immensely.


Then a stroll around the Marina. Found this little beauty but couldn’t quite make the deposit. only a Million or two short.

Who will lend us the Money?

Had to take a pose photo for posterity.

Me and My Dream Boat!

Fully Satisfied we moved on to another area of the Gold Coast. Marina Mirage.  Pulled in to the underground carpark under what looked like a mall and went up an escalator for coffee.

One Big Coffee Cup

Went outside this mall and found ‘Glasses‘ another Waterfront bar where we decided to enjoy the view and a beverage. Note the continual sunshine!

Glasses Waterfront Bar

A spectacular view and excellent restful surrounds.  I treated myself to a local Cerveza. Tim Love would also have enjoyed this one.

White Rabbit


Finally a visit to the best Fish Shop on the Gold Coast ‘ Peters‘ where we procured Salmon for tomorrow night’s dinner.







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