Day 4: Bring on the Weekend

So happy to be where the sun is shining. Had to break out the sun cream this morning before a walk in the neighborhood.  Found the ‘GutBuster’ hill. Really got our motor running.

Leading the way…
This hill just bust my gut
Catching me up..









Time for a spot of lunch before we embark on our afternoon excursion in the sun. Can’t wait.

So after lunch we embarked on a shopping trip.  Went to Harbour City mall. Essentially an entire mall of clearance stores. R M Williams became the first beneficiary of our Aussie dollars with size 36 (a miracle) jeans for Alan. Nothing else grabbed us so a wee drinks break was required. Then off to the BBQ store for smoker box, wood chips and cedar planks for treats on the BBQ. I got to drive the A250 Merc. What a treat but disconcerting when there is no gear stick or handbrake!

Wonderful day with Jeanette finished with BBQ porterhouse steak. Awesome.

Aussie Angus Porterhouse

Sadly I broke my wine glass – what a mess but thanks to the team who sorted it out.

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