Day 3: Glad we found great weather!

Friday 14th July 2017

Wow are we glad to be away from Balmy Palmy.  Have seen a video of the Rain Floods and even snow in Palmerston from Yesterday. So happy to be missing out on making snow angels. It is 7:30 in the morning here. Blue sky with an expected high today of 22.  No jumper or jacket required.

Jeanette is out killing it every day with badges and trophies awarded by her fitbit  but sadly I will be in the office working on our companies books here in Australia.



The area we are in is Bonogin – We could be bogans from Bonogin. Just to let you know where this is here is the map. We are in the Bottom left corner!

In the Gold Coast south of Robina

Takes about 20 minutes to get to the beach from here and is cooler than at the ocean but still way warmer than Palmy!

First order for the Day: Breakfast and coffee on the deck.

Jeanette went out for a wander and took a few pictures around the estate / Area.

Round the Corner
Over the Bridge
Taking a Break with Carolyn Jackson and Ana






The big adventure was Anthony and Jeanette competing for a work week steps challenge.  This pushed Jeanette to the limit doing over 25000 steps in the day and 76900ish for 5 days. But Anthony pipped her at the stroke of midnight by 121 steps!  Should have let his mother win. She is twice his age however it appears he inherited her competitive nature. Kudos to Anthony. Commiserations with Jeanette

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