Road Trip – Day #3

Day # 3 of the road trip started with Breakfast at the Hotel.  As far as breakfasts go – It was terrible!  The worst Eggs Benedict I have ever had. Jeanette faired better than me and with it behind us we packed the car and set off back into Bath.  This morning we were to get the first actual photo challenge sorted by going to the Sally Lunn Shop.

Sally Lunn’s World Famous Store

On our way to Sally’s we strolled near the weir which was very close to where we had dinner last night.

The Bath Weir
Alan @ The Weir

The walk also took us past the park where some very creative planting was in evidence.

Book in the Garden

In quick time we made it to Sally’s House.  The Oldest house in Bath.

Sally Lunn’s House

And it was here that we had two separate photographs to emulate.  One outside the shop and one inside.  So here are the results.

Peter and Julie outside Sally Lunn’s House
Alan and Jeanette outside Sally Lunn’s House
Peter and Julie Inside Sally Lunn’s House
Alan and Jeanette Inside Sally Lunn’s House

With the photo challenge done we could settle in and enjoy a Helping of Sally’s Products.  Served as a Half Bun with choices of toppings, I choose Blackcurrant Jam and Clotted Cream. The Sally Lunn’s in New Zealand are nothing like these.  These are light and fluffy and so so good.

Eating a Sally Lunn Bun

It was time to get on the road.  Day #3 takes us from Bath to Cardiff via Bristol.

Bath to Cardiff

The journey today was not far and much of it on Motorways.  The weather was also threatening to rain with 100% probability when we reached our destination. Rick told us about the Clifton Suspension Bridge so we decided to go via Bristol and take a look.  This was well worth the deviation. It also allowed us to drive through Bristol, a place we have heard much about over the years but never had opportunity to visit.  The Clifton Suspension Bridge and the story behind its construction is amazing.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The ravine that this goes over is massive.  There is a One Pound toll to cross the bridge.  It is spectacular.

The Ravine Under the Bridge
Side View of Clifton Suspension Bridge
Alan & Jeanette at the Bridge

The weather started to close in so we decided to get back on the road and head to Cardiff.  This was going very well until we hit the M5 intersection where the traffic slowed to almost not moving.  It took us ages to get through and find out why there was a problem.  The off ramp to the port was closed as that morning the Police had stopped and Shot multiple times a driver in a car on the off ramp. It was big news here and there is now an investigation going on about it so nothing more is being shared on the news.

Arriving in Cardiff became an adventure in its own right.  The skies had opened up and it was raining hard.  The Hotel we booked had no parking but had a loading bay where you could drop luggage before heading down the road to park the car.  Only problem was it was so wet you could not read the road markings. We ended up using bus lanes (possibly illegally) and going round and round in circles. We ended up parked on a Bus stop and phoning the hotel to find out where the loading bay was. As it turned out it was right behind us but there was a massive Skip Bin dropped on it so you would never know.  The hotel sent 2 lads done to assist with the luggage and we checked in while Rick went off and parked the car in the parking building.

The Royal Hotel Cardiff

The rooms in this hotel were fantastic. Large and very well appointed.

Jeanette in our room

Although it was raining hard we decided to go for a wander as we were right in the heart of Cardiff.  Rick and Dianne booked a tour of the Millenium Stadium (Now known as Principality Stadium) and they report that they were the only two on the tour. Jeanette and I got soaked walking around the bars and restaurants, through the arcades and malls.  There is even a Kiwi Bar and Outback Bar.  Helps being so close to the National Stadium.

Soggy Man
An Arcade near our Hotel
Huge Circle and Spike – No Idea what this actually is.

Completely soaked we headed back to our room where a complimentary bottle of wine awaited us.  We relaxed while Rick & Dianne were out and made a booking for Dinner at Grey.

Grey Restaurant Cardiff

This is a restaurant in the Hilton Hotel. As it was raining we caught a cab.  We had a great meal out and as the rain stopped by the time we were finished we decided to walk back to the hotel.  We started off but went entirely the wrong way so ended up going around the block only to find we were 3 minutes walk from our hotel.  Everything looks different in the rain.

Back at the hotel and feeling a little weary so off to bed.  Bring on Day #4.

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