Birthday Weekend Day #7

It was a relatively slow start to the day today. The day after so to speak. Not sure any one in the house other than Lexi would pass the breath test for Drink/Driving.  Eventually everyone was up and the weather was not looking great.  So we all had some form of breakfast and worked out what the day would hold.  Jeanette and I wanted to head South a little to the underground caverns known as King Arthur’s Labyrinth. Dianne wanted to stay in the house as later that day Stuart, Cam and Lexi were heading off back to Cambourne.

King Arthur’s Labyrint

The journey south was about an hour and the day continued to look bleak. It became completely wasted when we arrived only to find the place closed as the underground caverns had flooded with all the rain Wales had been having.h

King Arthur’s Labyrinth

There was very little to see around here, but we did find the winner of the UK’s best gin for 2017.

UK’s Best Gin Maker

Some Medieval Sword were on Display among some very average stores at the Labyrinth in Corris.

Medieval Swords

Well disappointed we decided to head back to see what the others were up to. As it turned out we should have gone north today and visited the Castle at Conwy – No I haven’t spelt that incorrectly – There is no ‘a‘ in Conwy.  The weather set in pretty hard so it was difficult driving conditions.

Driving in North Wales in Autumn

We decided it was time for food and respite from the rain and found a rural pub/cafe called the Cross Foxes. We have seen so many references to Foxes here. Reminds us that we have our very own Fox back in NZ. Rhiain is Fox and her Husband Tim is Bear.

Cross Foxes

This was a surprising rural stop. Modern, Warm, Great Food and even a decent beer.

Beer @ the Cross Foxes

This is a great Blonde from the Wye Valley.  Fully refreshed we continued our return back to Portmeirion but because we had time we decided to work out where we caught the train next Wednesday for our Trip north to Manchester.  Thank goodness for Google Offline Maps. Cell and Wifi coverage all over the UK is so patchy it at times is unusable.  You can go from 5 Bars to no service in a mile.  Offline – Always On. Well done Google.  We found our way to Blaenau Ffestiniog station (Getting the spelling right is a mission!). We confirmed this is where we catch the train and confirmed which platform we needed to be on and by what time.

Blaenau Ffestiniog

While we where there a train came through. Didn’t know if it was the one we would catch on Wednesday but it was terrific. Steam Powered.

Steam Train @ Blaenau Ffestiniog

All chores done we completed our journey back to Portmeirion.   We caught up with the rest of the crew who had been out for lunch at Castle  Deudraeth down near the Portmeirion Village.

Castle Deudraeth @ Portmeirion

Their lunch was spectacular and with it came free entry to the village. So after they ate they all went for an explore through the village.  It appears their adventure was better than ours but that is life.   Being a miserable day Jeanette started a fire and I fetched some firewood in.  It gave me a great opportunity to catch up on some of this blog and enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fire.

Alan catching up on the Blog

Rick took opportunity to relax and get warm. It was quite a chilly day. He spent some time going through all the comments posted to photos from various others about the Peaky Blinders Photos.

Rick relaxing in front of the fire

As the afternoon drew to an end Jeanette and I decided we would cook dinner that night. Rick took us on a short drive down the road to the supermarket where we could buy the necessary items and restock some of the wine that had been consumed on Saturday night. We also took opportunity to take pictures of some of the local town signs (We have been doing this for a while now). We intend to make up a collage of these signs at some stage and only signs for places we have both been together get included.   So we finished off the day in quiet fashion with a wonderful meal, glass of wine and warm fire.  Feeling weary we headed off to bed early.


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