Day 9: Time to Return Home

All good things must come to an end.  Sadly we say goodbye to the heat and sunshine and must fly back to NZ where Storms, Rain and snow occupy front and centre position on all news bulletins.  The news is not all bad however as we have been advised by Air New Zealand (Worlds Best Airline) that we have been upgraded to Business for the journey home.

So we packed our bags, had a final breakfast with Rodger and Carolyn and were delivered to Brisbane airport well in advance of our departure time.  Checked in and made our way through security to the Koru Lounge where we enjoyed the hospitality of Air New Zealand and eagerly awaited boarding.

View from Koru Lounge Brisbane

Note the Blue sky. This was prevalent every day of our time in the Gold Coast.  We tucked a wee bit in our pocket hoping to bring some back to NZ.  Eventually we were called to board the plane and for the first time ever Jeanette went through the door and turned left – not right!  Wow!  We took our seats and were immediately fussed over by the wonderful Kiwi Staff.  Bubbles and Hot Towels to Start – Before Takeoff.  Great views as we took off over the city.

Brisbane City

Then once we were settled into the flight path, along came the food and beverages.  The beverages seemed to be never ending and the food was three courses selected from a Menu

The Wine just kept on coming!
Jeanette Enjoying the Experience

Jeanette could not have much of the Airline Food but was well looked after none-the-less.  After a much too short flight we arrived in Auckland to Rain, Clouds and Freezing temperatures.  We breezed through customs but had to wait in the rain for 45 minutes for the every 15 minute inter-terminal bus.  This made us very late for our flight and no one would take our luggage.  We eventually dropped it off at the Oversize Checkin with no guarantee that it would make the flight.  Then we discovered our flight to Palmerston North was delayed so had time to de-stress after the very late bus ride.

Made it to Palmerston North with hardly a bump in the air and so did our bags. Fantastic. Finally a Taxi home which turned into a disagreement between me and the driver as he tried to double charge us the flagfall. The 2.3km journey would have been nearly $18.00 if I had relented but ended up at $15.00 even.

So good to be home but missing the Heat and the Weather already.

No long now until our next adventure in England and Wales.

One thought on “Day 9: Time to Return Home

  1. mcgrathnzadventures July 31, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    Well done Alan. A great Bog. Keep this up so when we are too old to remember we can read about our adventures together


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