Bye Bye Jet Lag – Hello Cambourne and Cambridge

Our weary bodies luxuriated in a warm, comfortable, horizontal bed last night.  Surprisingly we woke at 7:00am and decided to check out the day and go for a stroll.  It was a very promising looking day and for the first time in forever we were able to walk without wind or rain jackets.  We only have one full day here in Cambourne so decided to check it out on foot.

Great Cambourne
Lower Cambourne

The place was deserted at this early hour of Sunday Morning. A couple of eager young women out on their bikes, a couple of guys with fishing rods out into the lake.  A couple of people walking their dogs…. and us.

Early Morning Around the Lake
Looking Great in the Early Morning Light
Early morning haze over the countryside
The mysterious glowing orb – so absent from our home for a few months
At the top of the hill overlooking Cambourne
The shared orchard
Allotments. There is a waiting list to get one of these

Cambourne is an idyllic little sleeper village where everything is pretty, well maintained, man made lakes, walking and bicycle paths and a 13 kilometer walk talks you completely around it.

Back to base for coffee, breakfast and a shower before heading out with Rick and Dianne to explore Cambridge.  The oldest College is over 800 years old. Some Buildings are over 1000 years old.  Not too many earthquakes here to knock them all down.

Mathematical Bridge – Designed by Issac Newton

So many bridges over the river Cam. This one was designed by Issac Newton and along with the bridge of Sighs are the most well known in Cambridge.

Punting on the River Cam

While we did not go punting this time, we had an awesome experience last time with Rick on the Pole.  Just need to steer clear of the Pro’s. They do not like self drive Punting so intentionally Ram you to knock you in.

Main form of Transport in Cambridge

Bicycles everywhere. Bells ringing, capes flapping, Bikes, Bikes and more bikes. But not a Boris bike to be seen.

Big Doors

Big Doors and ornate fences are everywhere.  Many of these lead to the colleges that make Cambridge famous the world over.  Like Kings College.  Recognize the nearly 1000 year old chapel?

Kings College Chapel from ‘The Backs’

Wandering down ‘The Backs’ there are plenty of little streams and we came across this wee Moorhen.  Looks a bit like a Pukeko but was smaller and had Green Feet.


Jeanette took a really great photo of the Moorhen. We suggested she try out for a National Geographic Wildlife Photographers job.  She said she would rather live the Wildlife than just take photos of it.  Fair Enough!.  Wandered through several back street that are filled with history.  Like past the Eagle Pub where the secrets of DNA were discovered by three people including a little know Kiwi born in the same town I was born in.  Who knew little old Pongaroa could be the source of so many amazing people.  Or streets like this one

Original Brickwork Buildings

All The Walls are straight and no cracks appear, but the roads are very narrow. This one is a highway for cyclists and double decker buses. Strangely it emptied just for our photo.  We even had a sneak peak at  an exclusive school for budding Harry Potters.  Could not believe what we were looking at when this crew emerged right in front of us.

Harry Potters in Training

Decided it was time for a Coffee Boost so found our ways to Brown’s (Downtown).  Great Place but the worst coffee ever. They had run out of coffee so only had decaf.  They did not know how to make a decent black coffee so Rick with all his wisdom ordered the English fallback: The English Breakfast Tea.  Very wise. We had coffee but wished we didn’t. A stroll through the markets to get some food. Went to a fantastic wee place just out of the main area called Baroosh

Baroosh – Bar and Restaurat

The food was great. The Wine was great. The Atmosphere was fabulous and the staff were very accommodating.  Recommend this to all Kiwis traveling in Cambridge.

Feeling a wee bit tired (The Remnants of Jet Lag) we decided to head back to base.  15000 Steps so far today and Jeanette needed a Nana nap.

Rick and I attacked and attached an orange berried, thorny bush to the side of his house (it is part of the security system as thieves wont go near them) and I spent some time putting today’s page together.  Depending what else happens today I may add to the page later in the day. If not tomorrow sees us head off on Ricks 60th Birthday Adventure. Will keep you  (and Him)  posted on the events as they happen.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Jet Lag – Hello Cambourne and Cambridge

  1. Rhonda September 26, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    You look amazing you two skinny minnys, who is that sexy chick in the black there, you are amazing. Holiday looks amazing loving the pictures


  2. Rodger Rapsey September 27, 2017 / 3:24 pm

    Finally have this working so we can follow you spending all my money!!!!


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